Lisette van Hoogenhuyze / Sophie Steengracht / Pinar Demirdag / Quintus Glerum  / Lorena Solis Bravo / Eugenie Boon / Joost Koster / Carmen Schabracq / Janice mcNab / AiRich / Alexandra Martens / Eline Martherus / Marilyn Sonneveld / Ciro Duclos /

Noah Lamp /  Lucia Fernandez Santoro / Agnes Momirski

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weekend 1 : tech

12.08 (5pm - 10pm) 

opening + performance by  Lucia Fernandez Santoro



13.08 (8pm - 10pm)

art + tech panel with Ine Gevers (Fake Me Hard) & Kévin Bray



14.08 (8pm - 10pm)

performance by Robin Nimanong



15.08 (12pm - 3pm)

TittyMag brunch around the table talk ‘art + tech’, with AiRich


weekend 2 : human

19.08 (7pm - 10pm)

TittyMag dinner around the table talk ‘sexual healing’, with Morgan Catalina


20.08 (8pm - 10pm)

art + women panel with Janice McNab, Everemerging Mag


21.08 (8pm - 10pm)

performance by Eugenie Boon 



22.08 (3pm - 6pm)


intuitive live drawing workshop 


weekend 3 : earth 

26.08 (7pm - 10pm)

TittyMag dinner around the table talk ‘sustainability’



27.08 (8pm - 10pm)

art + sustainability panel with EarthToday



28.08 (8pm - 10pm)

Performance by Agnes Momirski



29.08 (12pm - 6pm)

circular fashion fair



4pm: talk - changing the culture of fashion with De Waag textile lab, Maartje Janse & Archivist




unity | duality | trinity


This group exhibition presents a wide variety of works in different media, that explore themes around unity, connection and systems of synergy. 


The concept of ‘oneness’ is examined in relation to human connection, our relation to nature and its ecosystems, all within our current complex, digital age.  


Rather than exploiting our natural resources and each other, we must progress towards a more collaborative future, in which we acknowledge that everything is connected and moves in systems and cycles of exchange and reciprocity.



This highly scientific and technocentric time, that is increasingly devoid of ambiguity, mysticism and spirituality, generates an illusion that we as humans can grasp reality. 


We hold onto comfortable duality and to familiar patterns of binary thinking:


self vs. other

us vs. them


human vs. nature

nature vs. tech

tech vs. human


right vs. wrong

black vs. white

feminine vs. masculine



We are constantly in conflict.

We combat ecological disaster, we oppose different mindsets, we regard digital technology with suspicion.


However, we battle ourselves, as we are all of the above. 

We are nature, we are all human, and we ourselves manifested digital technology…


We intrinsically are and want the same, yet our socio-political climate and public discussion is becoming increasingly polarised. 


Compartmentalised thinking tricks us into believing that we know the truth. 

Our truth is the truth. Yet all our truths are true.


Could coding become our new universal language to transcend Babylon? Could AI become a tool for modern mysticism to expand our consciousness and surrender to the captivating chaos and complexity of reality?


This exhibition aims to look at what it means to be human as part of nature. Not separate from it or above it. Whilst navigating the age of digital technology. 


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unity | duality | trinity

A group exhibition exploring themes around unity and systems of synergy.


The concept of oneness is examined in relation to human connection, our relation to nature and its ecosystems, within the context of our digital age.

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